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J-SAT achieves MI “scale-up” with the Colorado EPIC Project!

We’d like to take a minute to celebrate and in so doing, share some important information that could transform MI in your organization too…

Motivational Interviewing was first introduced to corrections in 1992. Since then there have been a myriad of different strategies for implementing MI in corrections but none that demonstrated credible scale-up using the MITI-3 thresholds for competency until the State of Colorado EPIC Project (“EPIC” stands for “Evidence-Based Practices Implementation for Capacity”).

J-SAT used the iterative process of tape coding & feedback, face-to-face coaching and phone coaching with the Colorado EPIC Project to conclusively demonstrate that it is possible to achieve “scale-up” (50% or more of all designated practitioners achieve proficiency on all five MITI dimensions). We reached our goal!

This is significant news for a variety of reasons. One of the first take-aways is for researchers and policy-makers. The troubling status of MI in corrections is that we have far more interest than good research. We now know more about what is specifically required when conducting the research we need on MI in corrections. When it comes to effectiveness research, there probably needs to be a 16-month period built into the design for corrections practitioners to become proficient in MI before they are put into the experimental condition.

Another important take-away is that the EPIC project demonstrates how, when the implementation is based on Fixsen’s implementation science model, with integrated training, coaching, performance assessment and use of decision-support data system drivers, scale-up is attainable.

We share this news not only because we’re excited about what we achieved, but also because we know we can help you achieve it too.

If you would like to talk with us about scale-up goals for your organization, we invite you to give us a call at 303-544-9876 or 1-877-572-8232 for a free consultation.

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