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Tool Development

Developing Performance Assessment measures for staff, offender assessment tools, and program evaluation protocols involves creative thinking (art) as well as science. At J-SAT, we pride ourselves in being master tool smiths due to years of education, hands-on experience, and zeal.

Nothing Short of a Passion

J-SAT excels in tool development because we are passionate about tools and their development for lots of good reasons. We believe Archimedes had it right when he said, “Give me a lever long enough, and I will show you how to move the world.” Thus our logo (for the past 20+ years) represents the 5-6 basic tools (e.g., fulcrum, screw, wheel, etc.). And we love co-creating tools with our clients: screening tools assessment tools, decision support databases, fidelity measures (assessment, coaching, MI, cog). We also recognize having the right tools for the right job is only, at best, half the job. The other part is using the tools skillfully.

Drawing from Years of Experience…

The depth and breadth of our collective experience at J-SAT, coupled with teamwork enables us to quickly come to terms with the performance requirements and design features for the tools our customers need. We have 20+ years of experience, extensive research and knowledge and many many different tool templates from previous work with other customers to draw upon. This means our customers to not have to wait around long for results our pay for expensive, start from scratch, innovation work.

Our credo at J-SAT is Plan – Do – Study – Act (PDSA) the same as the old Bell Laboratories. We subscribe to PDSA to such an extent – we’re never outside of this cycle.  In our experience, our clients join with us in this cycle and we are thus able to produce a tool that meets all established criteria and develop an incredible synergy in the process.