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COVE is a recent innovation developed by J-SAT for the purpose of helping agencies build their coaching bench strength and enable contexts more effectively for the sake of successful implementations. In essence, COVE is a basic coaching model we refer to as Coaching Options that are Versatile and Effective (COVE). The COVE model integrates Role Clarification techniques with Michael Stanier’s Seven Question model in his book “The Coaching Habit”. These are powerful questions that dovetail perfectly with the four processes of MI, one or two questions per process. Moving into the MI processes, whether it is with a client or a direct report or peer, sets the stage for the third and final component, skill rehearsing facets of the emergent ‘target behavior or change’. We recommend a holistic cycling-up format for best results which includes (but is not limited to): training, coding, coaching, and the generation of communities of practice.

The vision behind COVE is building agency-wide coaching capacity, usually starting with upper management working downwards to the line. The elegant simplicity of the model makes it accessible for all levels within your organization and we will customize the roll-out for the needs of your agency.

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