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Program Evaluation

J-SAT empirically evaluates agencies, individual programs within agencies (e.g., Monday and Wednesday night ‘Time to Change’ Cognitive-Behavioral Program), or individual service or skill processes (e.g., Staff Motivational Interviewing competency, Staff Assessment (various tools) inter-rater reliability level).

Our Methodology

J-SAT flexibly provides a range of quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods to address unique needs of each agency. Having said this, it is worth noting that J-SAT is biased towards a social action research approaches regardless of the methods employed. In addition to evaluating agencies and programs we also develop and design myriad evaluation and performance assessment tools. Our primary interest is to provide agencies formative evaluation and support using accelerated, collaborative tactics.

Why Hire J-SAT?

J-SAT staff are seasoned investigators with many years of varied program evaluation. Though we have extensive graduate training in research methods, most importantly it is tempered by decades of real-world evaluation experience. J-SAT Director, Brad Bogue, has been the Primary Investigator on multi-site outcome evaluations, process evaluations, workload evaluation, and officer burn-out evaluations, all within correctional settings and programs.

You are likely to get significant closure on fidelity gaps in your services when you contract with investigators who know how adapt and improvise research methods without sacrificing research integrity.

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