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Coaching Skills

Training in coaching skills is provided on demand in either a standardized curriculum or in a customized training approach. We recommend considering a very basic coaching model we refer to as Coaching Options that are Versatile and Effective (COVE). The COVE model integrates Role Clarification techniques with Michael Stanier’s Seven Question model in his book “The Coaching Habit”. These are powerful questions that dovetail perfectly with the four processes of MI, one or two questions per process. Moving into the MI processes, whether it is with a client or a direct report or peer, sets the stage for the third and final component, skill rehearsing facets of the emergent ‘target behavior or change’. We can provide the above standardized training or customize coaching curriculum, depending on the needs of the agency.

Who needs coaching skill training?

We believe agency-wide coaching capacity is a vital ingredient for successful implementation. To answer this question, the first question we will ask you is: Where does your agency have the greatest need for coaching bench-strength? Usually the answer is at the top, in upper management. If that’s the case we begin there and work downwards to the line.

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