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Communities of Practice multiply success

Communities of Practice multiply success

This month we’re focusing on Communities of Practice because we’ve been seeing a powerful multiplier effect when agencies combine Communities of Practice with coding and coaching for Motivational Interviewing training.  In fact, the effects that we’ve been seeing are so tremendous, we really can’t say enough about “CoP’s”…

A Community of Practice is a regularly-scheduled meeting, once or twice a month, where participants learning Motivational Interviewing skills meet as peers to share individual learning a-ha moments and brainstorm strategies for next steps to continue to deepen learning.

At first glance, the concept of Communities of Practice might look like just another brown bag discussion, but they are so much more, especially when facilitated so that participants take ownership and the group begins to have a life of its own.  Our study just released in a special edition of the Justice Research and Policy Journal is an in-depth discussion of the powerful effects of Communities of Practice on learning and implementation for the long-term.

To learn all about Communities of Practice and their ability to save you time and money while also improving skills, please download our study paper from the Justice Research and Policy Journal right here:

Click or right-click this link to download:  Special Issue on Evidence-Based Practice in Community Corrections: “Progress Toward Motivational Interviewing Proficiency in Corrections – Results of a Colorado Staff Development Program”

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