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Part II in our five-part series, “Practice Models 101″ . . .

Engagement and Relationship Building First, a quick note about Practice Models: Although our Practice Model article series explores the four Practice Model components separately, keep in mind that these components work best as a synergistic constellation of moving parts. The components are intended to interlock and create an overall effect that is greater than the […]

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Part I in our five-part series, “Practice Models 101″ . . .

What is a practice model anyway, and why would I want to use one? A practice model serves as a conceptual framework or map to define success for a professional, a profession, or an organization. Criminal justice professionals can use a practice model to institute a new way of interacting with clients “that more closely […]

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J-SAT achieves MI “scale-up” with the Colorado EPIC Project!

We’d like to take a minute to celebrate and in so doing, share some important information that could transform MI in your organization too… Motivational Interviewing was first introduced to corrections in 1992. Since then there have been a myriad of different strategies for implementing MI in corrections but none that demonstrated credible scale-up using […]

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