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Rose Golden

“Justice System Assessment and Training (JSAT) has worked with the Cook County Juvenile Probation Department on a contractual basis for four years. During that time, multiple goals relative to the implementation of Evidenced-Based Practice have been accomplished. JSAT worked with our department to pilot several risk/need tools and has provided training relative to each of these instruments. JSAT has also worked with our Clinical Interventions Division to develop and validate a juvenile sex offender risk tool. In addition to their assistance with the development of assessment instruments, they have provided both direct training and training for trainers on the topic of Motivational Interviewing.

JSAT has been very flexible in their efforts to meet the needs of our department, responding immediately and positively to questions and concerns. In situations where they are unable to provide a service, they have provided guidance and referrals to other vendors. The training materials they have developed are user friendly, in particular the training for trainers’ manuals. Because of the quality of the materials developed for our department, we have been able to train new trainers with ease and confidence. JSAT has also worked collaboratively with other contractual consultants involved with our department to further the full implementation of the Evidenced-Based Practice Model. I would recommend JAST to other departments interested in implementing Evidenced-Based Practices within their agencies.”

Rose Golden
Director of Grants and Assessments