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Peter Kinziger

I have known Brad Bogue for more then 15 years.  In this time, I have come to know Brad as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced experts in the area of Evidence-Based Practice in North America today.    

I am frequently asked to make recommendations of people who may assist jurisdiction with advancing practice.  In every instance where Brad was referred, the jurisdictions reported receiving greater value than anticipated.  Generally speaking, their experience with Brad and associates is transforming both individually and organizationally.  He requires agencies to become “learning organizations” by stressing the importance of understanding the foundations of evidence-based practices.  Brad understands the need to “institutionalize” evidence-based principles within organization to make practice sustainable.       

The work of Brad Bogue and JSAT is not superficial or easy.  Successful implementing of evidence-based practice is hard work.  While the rewards of successfully implementing evidence-based practices into agencies and systems are great, it should be understood that it requires a high degree of dedication, commitment, leadership and learning.  Brad and JSAT have the experience to apply the scientific literature in a way that enables programs to support evidence-based practices.          

In a nutshell, Brad understands evidence-based practices about a well as anyone in North America.  His depth of understanding that is both academic and applied.  Brad also understands that EBP is a dynamic learning process requiring constant quality improvement and monitoring.  

I would highly recommend Brad and JSAT to agencies truly committed to systems change.  I would not recommend him to organizations looking for easy answers or quick solutions.