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We are putting on an MI Training of Trainers April 27-30 here at JSAT.  Applicants need to demonstrate proficiency on either the MITI-3 or 4 to be eligible for this workshop,
which will be conducted by four very experienced MINT trainers and coaches. People will be attending from many different jurisdictions and this workshop will surely be
enhanced by the diversity and depth of the participants’ experience. See the attached flyer for more details.

JSAT is also hosting a two day training in the new MITI-4 by Dr. Terri Moyers, the creator of the MITI and a longstanding close colleague of Bill Miller and Steve
Rollnick’s.  Once again, we will have coders attending this workshop from many different places in the country.  We are currently trying to site this training sometime in
April or May and should have dates for it within a week.

Finally, JSAT is putting on a Coaching Mastery workshop for intermediate and advanced MI coaches. Most of this three day workshop will focus on MI coaching.
However, there will be sections on generic coaching as well as coaching group facilitators and direct report/ supervisor coaching. JSAT’s three lead coaches, who have
each coded and coached over 1000 practitioners, will be conducting the training. There is no date set but we are anticipating this workshop will take place in June.

Contact us regarding any questions you have at [email protected]

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